Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Running DRGFilt Under Windows


How do I run DRGFilt under windows?


You run DRGFilt from a command line, like so:

   - click on the Windows Start menu
   - click on the Run menu item
   - type "cmd" in the box
   - hit enter; you will get a "DOS box" with a prompt; let's say the prompt is ">"
   - type "cd \your-directory-name" and hit enter (replace "your-directory-name" with the name of the directory you are using)
   - type "drgfilt f25 drgmasks.f25 control.fil < input > output" and hit enter (replace "control.fil" with the name of your control file, "input" with the name of your input file and "output" with the name of your output file)

For detailed instructions, please refer to the DRGFilt chapter in the manual.

Monday, October 1, 2007

F25 Released

Our support for version 25 of the US Federal DRG assignment algorithm, active as of October 1st 2007, has just been released.