Monday, September 13, 2010

How Does Access-DRG Work?


How does the Access front-end work? (ie. Can I link into a SQL Server dataset (as an input) and have the Access-DRG spit out the results into a SQL Server dataset?


Access-DRG is not really a front end, it is a self-contained app. You load data into it, you call its DRG Assignment function (which, in turn, calls our VB-callable DLL) and it does in-place DRG assignment.

If you want to read data from a database server, assign a DRG and put the results back onto the database server, you probably want to get our VB-callable DLL and write your own simple program to read, call and write. Or you can use DRGFilt and the import/assign a DRG/write method described in a DRGFilt posting.