Friday, September 28, 2007

Cross-check With US Federal Dataset


How do I confirm that my DRGGroupers product installation is working properly?


Every year, the US Federal government releases a test dataset against which we validate our implementation. In addition to the various inputs to DRG assignment, this test data set contains the expected DRG which should be the output. We run our implementation against the official mapping and ensure that our results conform.

We are happy to provide a copy of the test dataset along with the appropriate DRGFilt control file, free of charge, to any customer who asks for it.

See our FAQ for details about how we use the test dataset internally.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reseller's License


We are interested in your Reseller License agreement language and also your pricing.


We do not allow reselling (you selling our products yourself) but we do license integration (you using our products as part of your products).

We charge a flat fee [in September, 2007 it was $5,000] per product per organization. Sample license language is available on our web site, here[link removed] under Software Licenses.


Every license turns out to be different because every licensee is different, so we no longer publish a sample license. Our typical license includes the following:
  • a one-time fee per version per product (a limited but perpetual, non-revocable license)--ie v32 and v33 of the same product each requires their own license;
  • the right to redistribute our DRG assignment product or products while we retain all copyrights and ownership of intellectual property;
  • a flat fee  per product so that we do not have to police your sales;
  • the fee defaults to our current standard but can be negotiated downward if you agree to limited distribution or upward if you need special integration considerations